I’m 20 years old. And years from now, well, I’ll definitely be older. Nobody gets stuck at 20, right? 

I can’t believe I’ve been existing for two decades now. Time does fly fast. The awful yet awesome childhood memories I had seem like just happened yesterday. 

Growing up is cool though. Now that I’m at the right age, I get to, generally, do anything I want to. I think and act maturely enough now (well I still tend to be child-like at times – i just can’t help it). 

And yah, ^that is indeed me. I took this photo weeks ago. I posted it in here (and in some other personal sites as well) because I think I look pretty cute on this one. 

Don’t hate me. I know most people won’t agree with my last statement, but hey it’s my own opinion. wth! LOL.

Vanity, oh vanity! You’re all mine! ha!


*just dreamin’ .. pls let me*

I don’t even know if anybody would read this, or just even gets to see this. But if you do, pls leave a comment or something just to let me know that there are actually great people out there who gets to pass by my blog, deal? great!