It’s Monday. Obviously, duh! I wouldn’t be putting it on my title if it’s not. (lol sorry for the sarcasm)

Mondays are fine. But when Mr. Rainy Rain accompanies him, that’s a different story. You see, Mondays are supposed to be sunny – with the bright rays of the sun shining through my windowsill and the warm morning breeze caressing my very senses – now that’s what I call ‘A Day!’. 

Unfortunately though, I think it’s not gonna happen. Well, at least for this day. The skies are dark (the gods must have forgotten to wash them over the weekend). Tiny little rain drops start to fall (somebody up there must have cried or something). And the road ?? ghad I would never wanna go out. 

Sometimes I wish I could just change the weather with the snap of my finger. Say it’s rainy today, and then I *snap!* (with some diva-like attitude), and tada! it’s sunny shiny already! Or when it’s too hot, then I *snap!*, and wah-lah! the rain pours in and it’s instantly cold! 

Wow! That thought makes me feel aawweesome!

But for now, I guess I just have to endure this crappy weather. Who knows, may be tomorrow or the day after that I might just be able to transform it with just a friggin’ awesome *snap!*