I am currently in my fifth and final year in college. This is my last semester (hopefully). And this semester’s special because I finally took the courage to land a full-time job whilst drenched with tons of coursework. 


I go to university looking like a mad dog who hasn’t had a decent sleep in ages (that is of course an exaggeration, dogs don’t last for ages). I am in a graveyard shift for my work – yes, I am working while most of the people in the world are comfortably sleeping on their beds. And during afternoons I am at school pretending to learn what university students are opt to.


I work as a fraud analyst in a call center company. We review orders, receive calls from, sometimes, irate customers, do chit-chats with my co-workers here and there. That starts at 11pm and ends at eight in the morning. I go home. Get some (literary, some) sleep – which only lasts for 3-4 friggin’ hours. Then go to school afterwards until 7:30pm. Then I wait for my shift at eleven and the routine goes on.


Most people after knowing that I am working, at the same time studying, would carelessly ask: “Don’t you ever get tired?”


My usual answer: Tired? Yes. Ever? Probably not so soon. 


This is my very first job. Ever. And I honestly never thought that it’s going to feel this great. I always perceived office works as boring as hell just like what I see on t.v. – hours and hours in front of a monitor, typing thousands of words, and not to mention the annoying bosses who knows nothing but to yell at people. 


Uhm wait.. I have to show a very random photo first before I continue blurting out stuff..


The above photo has nothing to do with this particular article. I wanted to paste it in here to add some color and life. This is pretty random as you know it. 


Now moving on to what I was saying a while ago…


Studying and working is fun. I get to earn my own money – spend it on things I have always wanted, and learn from my professors at the same time! (Not very sure on that last phrase though)


I feel like I’m living in two opposite worlds where I get to be the lead star on both of it (this is my life, it is just but rightful to star on it myself right? Right). It’s insane. And I like insane. 


I have always wanted to do something different aside from going to school and now I am living it. This new endeavor in my life brought me a new lesson to linger on:

If I really want to do something, I can certainly do it.

The hell I can!


Sometimes all what it takes to push a step further is to move out of our own shadows and embrace what the world has to offer. I only imagined it to be fun. And now that I am actually feeling it, firsthand, wow! It’s more than fun. It’s A++ awesome! (Minus the sleepless nights though)


Life sure is A++ fun. So live it in the best possible way you can 🙂