Funny how I thought I knew myself that well. Funny are the moments when I thought I would do ‘this’ only to find out that apparently I would not.

Most people can easily get overwhelmed by their emotions. And I am no stranger to that. I have stumbled upon a few minor humps due to my incapability to assess my emotional weaknesses. I mean c’mon! It’s not a pretty big deal. Humans are a lot like that.

Now hear my story.


There was this young girl who is in search for the deepest meaning of her existence. She questions a lot of things – why this…? why that…? what for…? will there be…? – yes, a lot. Sometimes it could get annoying, and even weird, to others that she would just end up blurting out to herself the things that bothers her extremely curious psyche to avoid misjudgments.

She read books, watched documentaries, conversed with a number of motley individuals in her search for the essence of living – of her life, in particular. Not even the greatest philosophers could make her understand why she exists and what for.

It’s not that she hates her life and questions her worth, no. She is in fact the biggest fan of the idea of ‘living’ – she loves her life, she values it. It’s just that her belief that ‘every individual has a purpose for their respective existence’ triggers her into knowing what hers is.

She ventured into various endeavors – done this, walked past here, said that, went through there – all for her never-ending search for what her life is about.

Then at last she got tired. She has done all she possibly could to unveil the purpose of her existence and still felt like she has not even gone an inch further. She sat still. Silence and peace showered in.

Then at that very moment, while drenched in the most quiet and frozen span of time, a surprisingly significant realization came before her. She finally knew what she has been eager to know.

Life. Living. Existence.

She has been living and will be as long as the heavens want her to for the benefit of every individual around her and for herself.

A life for others and for thyself.

Things do not have to be overly-complicated, neither be extremely different. It is sometimes during the most silent moments when we start finding solutions to queries we never thought would be answered.

Make the right decision. Well, one of my professors told me that sometimes what is right could be wrong – true. But never mind it. It’s during these instances when the cliche statement which goes : “we learn from our mistakes“, comes to life. Be brave. Do the things that you have always wanted to.

Define the impossible.

If you are in search for something – whatever it may be, or no matter how impossible it may seem – keep on looking. You’ll definitely find it one way or another. ٩(̃-̮̮̃-)