(Photo courtesy of Tumblr)
People. They’re just too many I had enough of them.
Just partly kidding. The human race are of course millions in numbers, but having had enough of them? – close, but not too soon.
The cliche statement that goes : “No man is an island” perfectly works on me. I love meeting people – hanging out with random strangers in an unlikely chaotic crowd, talk to motley individuals in various occasions, Name it. I’m definitely on it!
I hated being alone. I always seek companionship.
However, such personal belief in life, just like any other material thing in the world, never lasts.
(Photo courtesy of Tumblr)
Sometimes, being alone – being  solitary in your own personal corner, enlightens you in ways you never thought could possibly occur.
I like walking myself alone to work – when some friends of mine insist on going with me, I make the best excuses. There’s something wonderfully different with just the pavement, the cold wind, the astonishing lights and myself that makes me feel…human.
I like eating alone – just like the first one, I as well make excuses when some people want to me to join them on a lunch and whatnot. Because there’s something wonderfully different with just the graceful table, the fine food and myself that makes me feel…human.
I like spending time with myself. It is during these moments that opens my mind into knowing my deeper psyche better; that makes me appreciate the things around me better; that makes me feel one with the universe.
Call me a loner, weird, anti-social. I just like spending time alone better than hanging out with people – well, at least for now. Because based on personal experience, these ‘beliefs‘ do not last too long. Who knows, maybe tomorrow I might just be back to my old self again – hang out with random people, meet  various individuals, just…back to good-old me.
But for now – I like spending time alone.
Happy New Year!