It’s Sunday. I am supposed to be working on other way more important stuff. And those stuff include: a handful of feature articles due tomorrow, a classroom report scheduled tomorrow, a written report that is expected to be already done by tomorrow, and … they’re just too many, a single write-up on here would not be enough.

Tomorrow. It’s Monday tomorrow. I usually like Mondays, but knowing what’s install for me tomorrow I doubt I would still feel the same way.

But I guess that’s just how life works. You know, the things we don’t really like – they come to us, deadlines we are not too fond of – they keep bugging us. 

On the other hand, moments similar to what I have just mentioned are what makes life exciting. Wouldn’t we be all bored if we have zero stuff to keep ourselves busy on? I’m pretty sure we will be so bored if ever that happens, that we’ll probably count every strand of our frizzy hair just to have to do something. 

Being busy is not that bad (as long as the things we need to work on don’t come in packages on a single strike then we’re all good). It could actually be a good getaway. When we need to escape from the harsh reality of some sort, we keep ourselves busy and not dwell on the not-so-good stuff there are. 

It’s okay to swear and yell at stuff when your schedule gets awfully screwed. But make sure that everything gets to be greatly, if not perfectly, done on time. 

Get yourself busy. The reward of accomplishing something is definitely worth it.