CYBS stands for CYBER-awesome-SOURCE. It’s a call center account. If you still don’t get get it, well I’m sorry but I’m not in the mood to discuss its technicalities and whatnot. This write-up is a story of how my life has been at CYBS, the amazing people i have worked with, my deeply grateful self, the stupendous memories I’ve had… and everything nice. 

It has been three friggin’ awesome months since I started venturing into this new phase of my life. My first job is with this account. It has been pretty tough, honestly. I have a little idea of how a call center industry works. And indulging into an account as diverse as CYBS is, you probably guessed it right — I almost went nuts. 

But I got my hands held tightly on my belief that “everything can be learned“. And CYBS is no exception to that. 

It would be my disgrace if I don’t mention the names of the people who have helped the entire A++ CYBS trainees (which of course include me) to be the best trainees that this account has ever had (not really sure about that last statement — but who cares? we are the best! LOL). Remember these names, people. These are no ordinary names. These are names of EXTRAordinary individuals who have been the cool wind beneath our immortal-like wings. 

  • Sir Dan – Boss Gigi – Boss Karen – Sir Ty – Sir Alex – Sir Jake – Ma’am Lheng – Ma’am Lhai – Sir Deejay  —— you guys rock! You know that. 
We came in four different batches (batch 5, batch 6, batch 7, batch 8 [being a little bit bias by italicizing and emphasizing on ‘batch 6’ — that’s where I came from, just paying tribute to the first group of incredible individuals I had the opportunity to work with, and hey! my blog – my rules! duh! lol] ). Different, yet all extreme in talent and utmost potential. Yes, we are that good. Ha!


As an old contract came to a close, a new one opens. My stay at CYBS may have been short-lived but the thousand smiles and laughter I had, together with the abundant amount of fun moments I have shared with these people will forever live within me. 

And before I start shedding tears (which is so not the usual me), I’ll end this article with the biggest smile and the warmest hug dedicated to all the intelligent, awesome, great, outstanding, crazy and fun people I have ever been with. 

So long CYBS peeps!! Keep rockin’!!

i ♥  CYBS