I have just finished working on a column article for my journalism class. It has been out of due and my EIC would probably be so mad. But that’s okay, i guess. I’m done with it already. And I’m feeling pretty great ’bout it.

So here’s the thing. My cousin’s trying to cook some sweet and sour fish for lunch. I’ve been google-ing for the recipe and tried to hand it over to her. But she insists that she can pull it off by herself. I only have my fingers crossed to that. 

This is what a sweet and sour is supposed to look like and this is as well what I’m hoping my cousin would be able to cook for us :



Yummy, isn’t it? I can smell what she’s cooking already. And I must say, not bad. I’m just really hoping that this sweet and sour fish thingy that my cousin has her juvenile hands on will turn out to be just as great as what I am expecting it to be. 

C’mon. I’m starving. This better be great 😉