I won’t be starting for work on a new account until February. It’ll be weeks. And I have a fair amount of time to focus on whatever my brilliant mind needs its expertise on ( is there even any? not really sure ). 

Funny how I thought I had so little time to do whatever needs to be done when I was studying full-time. Now, after having had an unreasonable amount of decent sleep for the past three months ( due to my full-time work – plus – full-time university life ) , makes me realize how much, I mean much time I really have. 

Well I guess I was just used to having a good 2-3 hours sleep for the past months, and having all the time to do that now makes me appreciate how a lot of time I actually have been blinded about. It makes me smile. It really does.

I’m back to my old routine ( well at least for now ). And I like it. I already miss being busy as crazy though. But a few weeks like this won’t hurt either.