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Mornings are great. Especially when it’s Friday. Why? Because I don’t have class today. I’m a pure citizen of the earth, just a citizen, no other affiliations, for a day at least. 
There’s something about mornings that is just so serene. We help ourselves up. Get into our daily morning rituals. Sip some nice hot coffee. Talk to whoever we find ourselves across the table with. Exchange wonderful and hopeful smiles.
I sometimes have asked myself, “What’s so especial about mornings? I have been waking up for two decades now, and every morning is friggin’ the same.”
You see, I question a lot of things. They’re just so many, mornings had not had the opportunity to be excluded. I still have a gazillion queries in mind waiting to be answered. But regarding the one that says, “What’s so especial about mornings?“, I think I have already found the response to that. 
Mornings are not just natural occurrence. They are not just the living corroboration that this Earth really does rotate and that there really is the sun and the moon which share their places on this planet. Much for the scientific stuff, mornings stand for a very momentous meaning. 
Mornings remind us of how lucky we are to spend another buoyant day into anything that we choose to embark on. It’s some sort of a starting line. We are the athletes at the beginning of the race track. Once the signal fire shots in, we abruptly push ourselves forward and start off running. 
Life is a race. Well, at least to some — and I am no exception. Each of my mornings is a starting line. I may have bumped into a couple of humps along my way yesterday, but as the sun set in and afterwards it rose again, I got myself up and started off running. On the same path. On the same goal. I may get tired. But I’ll still keep on running. 
So when you say ‘Good morning!‘, say it like you really, really mean it. Because that could be your push. Make your mornings good, or even great. Stay on your track. Once you heard the signal fire, push yourself forward and start on your race. Keep on running! It’s worth. Trust me.
Great morning to you!! (✿◠‿◠)