Just grabbed myself some brown coffee and a handful of chocolate pretzels. It’s midnight in here. And yes, you guessed it right — a midnight snack. Not sure with the coffee though. My grandma told me that if I want to have a good night sleep, coffee should be rubbed out from my menu. But I can’t help it. Coffee’s the perfect partner for choco pretzels. And besides, I’m not a really big fan of milk or whatever.

Which made me remember something.

Back when I was younger, my grandpa made me taste his most favorite thing in the morning. Not a cigar, no. My grandpa smokes but he never allowed any of his kids to do so. So no one did — and still does not. Now back to his most favorite thing in the morning — coffee. A pure black coffee.

My grandfather was a purist. When he waves his wand and makes coffee — it’ll sure be a 100% coffee, nothing more. He liked everything the way it should be. And so when I tasted it, being the typical little child who likes sweets and everything with sugar that I am, my tummy screamed. It tasted like dirt. I never tasted coffee after that.

But that was years ago. I’m a grown-up now. And before I know it, coffee became my most favorite thing in the morning too. I so like it that I can’t stop craving for it, not even during midnight.

I understand my grandfather’s penchant for coffee now. We’re the same. Only that I do mine with cream and a bit of sugar — a little sweetness won’t hurt right?

Theย bottom line? Things change. Things really do change whether we like it or not. Our preferences change. We sometimes find ourselves liking the things we used to hate, or do the things we don’t usually do. It’s pretty normal.

One famous philosopher once said, “The only thing permanent is change“. Everything changes. The sea that we used to sail on is not the same sea anymore. The chair that we used to sat on is neither the same chair anymore.

It doesn’t matter though. Hating coffee back when I was a kiddo and liking it now is similar to not wanting to become a soldier when you were younger only to end up being one because for some serene reason; or not wanting to be with someone before and yearning for that person now. Change comes in various faces. It’s all change, nonetheless.

But whatever it may be, we should make sure that we change for the better. That’s one thing that I learned from my ‘coffee memory’. My grandpa’s coffee sure tasted like dirt. But my preference changed and I did some tweaking by adding some cream and sugar to it, and it tasted … better.

Don’t be afraid of change. Let it be. And make it better.