I’ve been wandering through some blogs and I have come across this very inspiring write-up from a wonderful blogger, steviegrace, entitled, What is on Your Bucket List? (a very stirring piece, you should click on the link and drench yourself into some nice blogging experience).

Some of you might have gone through the movie. It’s just as inspiring as steviegrace‘s. 



I won’t be going through The Bucket List’s (the movie’s) entire story line. In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the plot to help you out. This article will be about some of the wishes in Carter (Morgan Freeman) and Edward’s (Jack Nocholson ) bucket list that I find very inspiring.

One of Carter’s wish on his list is to “laugh until I cry“. It was the first scene on the movie that I shed some tears on. Happiness. If Confucius is not mistaken, it is the ultimate end of man. It’s what we should seek for. It’s what I seek for. Although ‘laughing until I cry‘ may be just not that much of a dream to me (because I always cry whenever I laugh so hard, and I do that very often), there are people out there who seem to have been deprived, if not even tried, to be graced by the wonderful feeling of laughing so hard that you can’t help but cry. This wish may just be the one phrase missing on your bucket list. So count this one in!

Edward, after a kiss on the cheek with his granddaughter he never knew he had, crossed out “kiss the most beautiful girl in the world” off his list. This was another beautiful scene. Beauty. It’s a relative truth – what seems beautiful to you may not be beautiful to me and vice versa. It lies on the perspective of certain individuals, portrayed on how one sees it. 

Witness something truly majestic“. This was the last wish on the list, crossed out by Edward’s assistant Matthew (Sean Hayes) after placing a coffee can alongside another can and placing the bucket list in between in the Himalayas. The cans contained Edward and Carter’s ashes buried on the mountain. Magic. It exists. It exists and lives on forever. Witnessing something breathtakingly majestic may be the hardest on any one’s list, but it sure can come true. This one gets a space on my own list. I may not know how and when this could be realized, but I will know whenever that time comes. 

I would have never known the worth of coming up with my own bucket list had I not came across steviegrace‘s write-up on the same subject. It’s a goal. A very interesting and exciting one. Work on yours now. Get yourself into the bucket