Blogging. As one fellow blogger had wrote, blogging is a universal language. It sure is.

I always start my hours online by reading a number of motley blogs. From the funny ones to the most inspiring write-ups. The subject varies, but they’re all blogs nonetheless.



The words, the phrases, the sentences may be different as one blogger portrays those in his/her page. The story told may not be similar to what others had divulged. The writer’s style may be unlike anybody else’s.

But the common denominator? — They’re all unparalleled self-expression. These blogs are the living proof of how immensely powerful words are. So powerful that they can define the undefinable, measure the immeasurable, and live by the unlivable. 

I have the highest respect for every passionate blogger out there. Whether their write-up may be about commercial, business, photographs, politics, or even just random stuff, I don’t care. Every word, every photograph is a remarkable product of their brilliant psyche. A manifestation of how the human mind can convert the lifeless words into spirited vessels of self-expression. 

Kudos to every fellow blogger!