It’s Monday. But it’s quite a different Monday. It’s a National Holiday Monday. The reason behind this awesome no-work/no-school day is because it’s Chinese New Year! Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone!


My Mondays are usually the craziest day of the week. I know, not a very good thing to start the week with. But there’s only less I can do about that. My professors usually cascade tons of coursework before the week ends and because I do other things (coursework not included) during Fridays, most Saturdays and parts of Sundays that means my Sunday nights are the worst nights ever. And when my Sunday nights get awfully excruciating, the day after bursts with the same pain too. That is the reason why Monday is my most hated day of the week. 
Well that is except during national holidays. I love holidays! The Heavens know how much. 
A fair number of National Holidays in my country fall on Mondays — the government adjusts some of the holidays to the first day of the week to somehow prolong the wonderful feeling of a pretty long vacation. Not bad at all.
So how did I spend my pretty-long weekend? Nothing much. I just stayed inside the house. Watched TV. Danced with myself on some really nice music. Ate a little bit more. Read books. Talked to the awesome people I live with. Slept for a couple of good hours. And the routine goes on. 
This weekend is probably the greatest and the well-rested that I have been for as long as I can remember. I missed staying at home and just doing nothing important. I missed sitting on the couch with zero anxiety on. Everything seemed ‘easy’. 
It all came so fast. Tomorrow I’ll be back to what I have been usually doing on every weekday . It will not be easy anymore. But I’m up for it! I’m already buckled up. My tank is full. All gears are ready. It’s time to get my self back on track. Let’s do it!