1. I grew up not knowing who my biological father is. (I wanted to know, but I’m too scared to ask)
  2. I hate it when people carelessly dump their trash on unlikely places. (Seriously. Especially when the bin is just right on the corner. Makes me wanna pull that person’s hand and demonstrate some fatal kung fu. Extremely annoying)
  3. I love my grandmother by a mile more than my own mother. (I grew up with my grandma, so this one’s pretty understandable. My mom and I are in good terms, but that’s just it)
  4. I question a lot of things. A LOT. (Just being the absurd little me)
  5. I can sing. (But I don’t understand why other people have a different perspective about that)
  6. I have always wanted to write a book. (My writing skill is not good enough though)
  7. I have been single since birth. (Well, I don’t really consider the ones I had as a romantic kind of relationship)
  8. Don’t make me laugh too hard. I’ll cry. (But I’ll love it when that happens)
  9. I love quiet and still moments. (That moment when you sit in a very silent place, just you with the wind, the ground, the heavens, and you feel one with the universe. Perfection)
  10. I am a huge Discovery Channel fan. (That feeling when you watch a really awesome documentary series and you get goose bumps, butterflies and…everything nice)


Just wanted to share a piece of me to the world ๐Ÿ™‚