This is what my previous post was about and this, as well, is some sort of a personal response to sassymommy14’s blog regarding of what we’re ” ‘supposed’ to be doing with our lives”. I would suggest that you read her post first before reading mine to clearly perceive what I am discussing about.

Now to my story. I’m actually currently almost at the verge of choosing between university or work. I’m expecting to graduate this March but the sudden change in my full-time work schedule just got my diploma in jeopardy. I’ll try talking to my professors and hope that I still get to, at least pass, their courses without having to go to their classes starting on Monday (because of my work sched) by doing research works or special projects instead. I’m honestly not sure if they’ll allow me that. But I’m hoping so.

My society has engraved in to its people that education comes hand-in-hand with success. If you’re a drop-out, you’ll be a loser. If you’re a university/college graduate, you’ll be successful. But seeing and knowing the real scenario out there, that rule does not always apply. Education does not guarantee us a successful life, it only is a key, along with many other factors, of having a good, and if luckier, a better life. 

Now my problem is that if my professors won’t allow me to do some ‘catching-up’ to let me pass their subject, then I won’t be graduating. And my parents and my entire family won’t be happy about that. But what they don’t understand is that I have a really good chance of being much more successful in my current job. And I don’t want to miss that chance.

I know the importance of education and I sincerely want to be graduating. But my job is just as important. There are some choices in life that does not only require my own decision but of others’ as well. And this one’s no exception. 

I still have to talk to my professors  though. And my fingers are tightly crossed.

I’m scared. I’m scared of having had to choose. My hopes are up though. I can accomplish both. I can do this. I can do this