Water. I love it. I just love it so much, I literally can’t stand a day without it.

I saw this beautiful photograph from Tumblr. It reminds me of Summer. The Summer heat is on its way now. Two months and I’ll be drenching myself with some beach goodness. The sand. The water. The fresh tropical juices. The sun. The tan. Ugh! Can’t wait.


Last Summer my entire family had a different getaway. When most people in the country headed their ways to the wonderful beaches, resorts and all, my family and I made ours on a different track.
Typically, when it’s almost a hundred degrees outside and everything feels like burning, people would quench into some nice and cold corner somewhere. Well, not for us. 
We made our way into this breathtaking private hot spring resort a few hours trip from the city. Yes, you read it right. It’s a HOT spring. It’s summer, it’s hot, and we made it even hotter with some hot hot spring overnight swimming. 
It was FUN. The best summer I ever had so far. Hung out my with cousins by the pool, talked about random stuff, tried to catch up with the days that we did not get the time to spend with the entire family, ate lots and lots of seafood and all. 
That was last summer. Can’t wait what this year’s going to be. I don’t hear any plans yet. But it will be even better and… weirder, I assume.