Everybody has their own playlist. And I am no exception. I have mine too. And it never gets old. 

I decided to do a little clean-up on my music tracks over my phone. There were almost a thousand of them and the process was a bit painful for two reasons. 1.) They’re just too many. 2.) I can’t seem to decide which to delete and which to keep. 

I had to do it though or I won’t be able to download new ones. I just wish I had a little more GB to squeeze in my newly found favorites but I can’t always have what I want. Disappointing. But I have to deal with it.

Anyways, just so I could make the right choice on which to throw out my playlist for good and which to hold on to, I played every song in it and decided right on. It was a pretty long process. There were some songs that were not too hard to let go but there were as well some that got me undecided for a few seconds and had to dump anyway. It was harder than I thought.

The best part of it was going back to the songs that I haven’t been listening to lately but found it still as magical as it was the first time. 

I deleted over 200 songs on my playlist. But these ones will never be scrapped:



I have tons of other great songs in my list but nothing could ever compare as to how those I have mentioned above had influenced and narrated my life in profound ways. Each of them tells of who I am, what I have been through. 

I will never get these off my playlist. They’re just too damn precious.