I’ve been wandering over some blog posts hoping that I’ll come across with something that could give me an idea on what to write. Reading wonderful posts, brilliant insights, various writing styles, a number of random stuff, different stories, etc. Those are some of the goodness that just got me.

I stumbled upon inidna’s blog. Read some of her fantastic posts. Then I saw her Bucket List page! She’s got tons! Wow. Then I suddenly remembered something. My own bucket list! I was supposed to publish it in here as well. I started working on it a few weeks back and had totally forgotten where I put the paper which it was written in.  Silly old me.

Having that situation, and feeling the sudden urge and inspired by inidna’s Bucket List, I wrote a new one! Yay! I still remember most that I have written on my old and now lost list, so making this new one is not as painful anymore.

Here is the more interesting thing. Since I do not want to lose another list and be making a new one over and over again, I made a page which houses my brand-new-and-will-never-be-lost bucket list!

Now you might be questioning the worth of this list. Would it benefit me? Yes. Would it harm you in any way? Of course NO. Will this bring peace on earth? I am not sure. Will this lessen the number of crime in the society? Probably not. Will your thirst be quenched by this list? I don’t think so. 

So why do this?

Simple. Because I want to. And by the last time I checked, the last person who got in my way on just about anything is now in hell or in hell. Just kidding.

Bucket List. It’s not just any other list. It’s not just a list that a person writes before he “kicks the bucket”. It’s way more than that. It, in some way, defies who you are, what your hopes are, where you want to be at. It keeps your pace at an unbelievable state. It keeps you moving. It makes life a lot more interesting.

My Bucket List is not yet entirely complete. I’ll be squeezing in some stuff  here and there. But the direction is set. My aim is outright. Every single number on this list will be crossed-out. I will make sure of that. 

Keep living a wonderful life. Have so much FUN!