Life. It’s so unpredictable. But nothing nobody can’t handle.

Remember when I posted about “what if i had to choose?“? Well, guess what. I don’t have to anymore. I’m almost sure I’ll be graduating. Of course my professor did not allow me to do some extra research to cover-up for the classes that I missed during the final period of the semester. But he has seen my performance in the past rating periods and the final exam (which I totally nailed) that I did, and had told me that yes, i’ll definitely get through his class with quite a favorable remark. Now isn’t that awesome? 

For the first time in more than four months, I can now breathe. The images of all those sleepless nights, the weariness brought by tons of coursework, the days I shared lovely smiles with my classmates, the years of excruciating exams, and the moments of pure amity still seem like yesterday. I can’t believe it’s all over now. 

Oh University life! You are such a pain in the ass! And I love you still.

My decision of not giving up on anything had paid off – big time! Just another reason to make me feel how great life is and, of course, how great of a decision-maker I am. 

I remember the times when I almost wanted to let go of one of the choices I had. I was that close of losing it. But I reminded myself that I will never let any of them slip through my hands until the very last grip that I can possibly exert. 

This had just proved something about me. I’m not a quitter. And never will be. I’ll keep holding on. No matter how piercing it can get.