One of the many reasons why I hopped into wordpress is to know, through the writings of the awesome bloggers you guys are, how other people live, what their thoughts are and just about anything interesting and not-so-interesting stuff you all want to shout out. And I have not been disappointed. 

It still feels as magical to me as to how words can represent and illustrate in profound ways what people have been through, how they feel, what their hopes are. And it’s even more astonishing when through their exquisite play of words they can touch other people’s lives.

I am not really into books. I easily get bored. I always have been a fan of the very tempting television. I have always thought it to be the best form of entertainment man has ever invented. It’s diverse. It’s cool. One click and you are watching Patrick’s butt on Spongebob’s crabby patty.  Click twice and you’ll be singing along with The Sessionistas on ASAP XV. And the clickin’ goes on and on. It couldn’t get any better than that.

That’s what I thought. And, apparently, I thought wrong. 

There’s a gazillion things around us that’s way better than TV. Waking up with a smile on a beautiful Friday morning ‘coz it’s, well.. TGIF!!! of course, is one thing. Bumping on an old friend on a very random instance and reminiscing on the fun old days is another. Buying  a pair of nice shoes and be given a box of free chocolates; seeing the sumptuous Ryan Gosling on the big screen; and the list goes on…almost infinitely. 

And my most favorite? Reading remarkable wordpress blogs

It’s perplexing. The kind that awakens all the neurons in your brain and makes you want to freeze in awe. I love how each blogger, in his/her peculiar way of self-expression, traverses his experiences, emotions, opinions, beliefs and whatnot into his/her page. It’s like gazing into somebody else’s mind in a diverse yet remarkable perspective. 

TV?? Still great. But not as great as how blogs in here makes me scream in admiration. 🙂