It’s Wednesday. I wake up early. Get ready for work. All the same routine everyday. But it’s no ordinary Wednesday. This day marks my 21st year of existence. Yes, it is my birthday.


Wow. I am again getting a year older. But as what most people say, age is just a number. It doesn’t really matter if you’re 16 or 60. What matters most is how you work your age. And evaluating myself for the past 21 years, I gotta say ‘not bad’. Not bad at all. 

Birthdays. What do they really stand for? 

Birthdays are not all about somebody getting a year older. They’re not just about blowing cakes and putting party caps on. They’re not always about the gifts and whatnot. Birthdays are celebrations of life – of our wonderful existence. 

21 years. I have been through a lot. God knows how many. But looking back through all of them now, I never regret any. When I was younger I often hear older people say “You’ll learn from your mistakes” or “Everything that you have been through will make you a better person” but I didn’t really understand it. Not until I got a little older and have my mind broadened by experience. It’s all true. We sure learn from our own mistakes and everything that we’ve been through does make us better individuals. It may be very stereotypical, but it’s spot on. 

Two decades and a year seem like a pretty long time. But the truth is, it’s never enough. There’s so many things I want to accomplish, so many dreams I want to be seeing come true, so many wishes I want granted. And I have my lifetime to make that happen. 

This is pretty exciting. Just the mere thought of splurging my entire existence into making my dreams come true thrills me like crazy. 

Life – it always gets better and better every year. It gives me hope, fortitude, wisdom and all the other fuels to keep me moving forward. 

Happy birthday to me! 😀


(04/04/1991 – the exact date I was brought into existence; and the same exact date the world became even more awesome)