I’m still alive but I’m barely breathing…” (-The Script, Breakeven)

Breakeven – one of my favorite The Script songs. Listen closely to the lyrics of the song and you know that it’s downright honest. The lines are very poetic and drives you into admiring the song even more as it goes on.

I’m not a fan of the stereotypical love songs the world has ever crafted. Love songs make me feel less human. They remind me of the feelings and emotions that their words portray that I have no idea about yet, and probably will never come across with. I don’t understand them fully.

It’s the words – the honest, sincere words that I admire about them though. I’m not a fan, no. But it amazes me as to how these beautifully crafted songs make you feel the emotions that you could only imagine about.



I’m done with my excruciating yet wonderful University life. Now I’m taking off on another direction. A direction I am not so familiar with but so excited to embark on.

I have so many plans, I can’t even decide where to start. I still have to plot them concretely and precisely though before I start working on them.

Oh life! Spectacular and thrilling and unpredictable. Sometimes painful and could get really uncool, but it makes it even more wonderful. It makes me smile 🙂



I should start taking my future exceptionally serious. I should start working on making myself a better individual. I should fire up with good decisions.

There’s so many thoughts in my head that’s all twisted and jumbled right now. That’s another thing I should be working on – be more organized, precise and spot on. But in general, I’m doing pretty good. I think. And that should do for now.