from the bucket

Number 35 on my bucket list didn’t happen, As my 21st birthday passed by, the three sunflowers went with it as well. Well I guess that happens. Who would ever want to give me sunflowers, or any other kind of flower, anyway? Hahaha. This is kind of silly though. My friends know that I’m not a fan of flowers – which is true. But I wasn’t really sure why I included that on my list and had expected somebody to give me something I don’t usually like. Well I guess I wanted to incorporate something that is not-the-usual-me stuff on my list – and flowers are one of them. 

This makes me feel a bit silly – expecting something that I already know won’t happen. But hey! that’s the exciting part of it. Nobody knows what’s ahead. Who knows? Maybe the things that I think won’t ever happen might actually occur one day. It’s just pretty disappointing that the “sunflowers” didn’t materialize.But I have 40 more things on my list! And I’ll be making sure that the rest of them won’t have a not-so-happy-ending as the one before them.