Despite the disappointment of not having my “sunflower” thing carried out, number 26 on my bucket list sure was a home run.


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Ride a bus and not pay. It’s a not a very good thing to do, I know. But just for the sake of having to fulfill something that I would not normally do, this one had its share on my bucket list

How did it happen? Here’s how: (This didn’t happen intentionally, I assure you)

It was a typical day. I was on a bus on my way to work. A man, we call him in my native language “konduktor” – a person who collects fare and gives out bus tickets to passengers, made his round. He goes from row to row and does his thing.

I was on the left side of the bus near the window. The bus was full. Every seat was taken and a few passengers were standing on the aisle. It was a Monday morning and people cram to go to work, school or just anywhere else. The sky was so beautiful. The clouds were forming unbelievable shapes – dinosaur, a house, an ice cream cone. Looking out the window, seeing how beautiful this world is, is my favorite thing to do. 

I took out a few dimes from my purse and was ready to hand it over to the konduktor. The next thing I know, he was at the back-end row, collecting fares and handing out tickets. He missed my row. That happens. He does his job as quick as he can, and overlooking other passengers is not very surprising. 

I was almost at my destination. I wanted to wait until he finishes collecting fares at the back-end but I realized it was too late. The bus went to a stop and I went out. And ta-da! Number 26 was crossed-out from my list! I just hope the bus did not go into bankruptcy because of me. 

 Don’t judge me, people. I don’t always do that. I pay my bus rides, I’m certain about that. Things like this just happens. It’s on my bucket list, I know. But I didn’t intend it to happen to soon. 

And to make it up on riding a bus and not paying, I will see to it that number 27 on my list will be realized soon. 

REMINDER: Pay your bus ride. If you miss it, pay twice on your next ride.