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There are so many questions in my mind that are dying to be answered. I have always been like this – having too many queries and can’t find the right way out.

People would probably know me as the ever happy, always smiling Cianne. I laugh a lot – that’s for sure. I find happiness in the simple things and they make me giggle.

However, behind my warm smiles and my contagious laugh, lies a personality, a mind blurred by life’s ambiguity.

I remember years back, during my university days, I was so bored with what I was doing I began questioning things – what’s all these for? how’s my future gonna be? is everything I’m doing right now (before) worth it? what if I fail? What will happen? And the question marks never ceased to exist.

It wasn’t a very long time ago since I started blurting to myself my never-ending queries. It confused me. And it still does.

Then I made my way on trying to navigate my life in what I thought was the right direction. I embarked on joining school organizations, participated in numbers of my university’s activities, made new friends. All to keep my mind busy.

And for a while, during those moments, my confusions and questions began to settle down a bit. Then I was okay.

Maybe life’s just like that. It confuses us. It gives us so many questions.

I barely have the idea on what I would really want my life to be. Perhaps, it’s less important. I might have been questioning too many things and have been making my life way too complicated than it really is.

I still am confused and anxious on this whole idea of what I would want my life to be like. But for the past years and experiences I’ve had, it is just right that I learn something out from it and find the, probably, closest answer to my questions.

Life. It’s actually not as complicated as most of us perceive. It’s a lot simpler than that. The most important thing that I have learned is that — we should live our lives in the best way we can. We should make the most out of it.

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I may not know what my future will be, but if I do my best and be happy with what I’m doing right now, then all those beautiful things will make my future. Everything will fall into its own perfect place.

I just have to live my life — make the most out of it — take risks — and be happy 🙂