I had the most wonderful moment with one of nature’s finest gifts. “When it rains, it pours“, they say. I take it literally, and I say it’s true. 

There is something so arresting whenever a single drop of rain rests on my skin. It’s the sensation of being one with the universe. It’s the serene feeling that I am indeed part of this astonishing world. Every raindrop on my skin bears out my existence. It’s just breathtaking. 


Image(Photo via google.com)


Rain brings a very peculiar sense of being one with life. I used to hate it. But for some uncanny reason, all those hatred towards one of nature’s favorite child drained away. It deserves to be esteemed, to be appreciated, to be admired. 

Life is nurtured with rain. Every significant living thing is fostered by it. From the clothes we wear, to the food we eat, and all other man’s wonderful possessions – are in existence because rain graced its power onto them. 

It’s raining outside as I write. It’s wonderful. The heavens are dark. “The gods must be crying“, that’s what other people say. But not for me. The gods are not crying. They’re rejoicing. They’re showering exuberance onto earth. Because with rain is life. And with it, this world becomes a much better place.