I keep a journal. I’ve been writing most of what happened in my life in my little notebook. It’s a pretty nice thing to do. It’s like taking photos. Only this one captures what is inside.

And to realize my passion of sharing my thoughts to the world, I will be posting excerpts from my journal. These are chronologically arranged and are down right honest. No edits. No secrets.


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6/7/11 , 12:45am

But then my professor for my ENG45 and ENG49 classes is, apparently, Prof. Barry. He’s awesome. He’s gay and he’s fabulously intelligent. I thought he was retiring — but I guess no. It’s a good thing — because I will again be blessed by his awesome teaching. 

It’s just frustrating sometimes though. Because he’s so good, I’m always  at the tip of my toes and watching every word I utter afraid that his intelligence would make me feel like a freakin’ nutjob.


6/8/11, 7:15pm

I’m at the library. It’s past seven pm and this place is still crowded. I’m in a circular table at the corner of this place, seated desolately. I hate sitting alone. This reminds me of how isolated I have become. 


6/10/11, 12:46am

What’s interesting about this day is the conversation Kim, Cheen and I had in the jeepney on our way home. It really feels great talking to my friends about politics, love, movies, etc. in a juvenile yet intellectually reasonable way. We were throwing opinions at each other which made me realize how much of great ideas my friends have. Pretty remarkable.


6/17/11, 12:40am

Ghad I’m exhausted! i like it though. The adrenaline that my hectic schedule is giving me pumps me up. Yes it’s unbelievably tiring, but it’s fun 🙂


6/27/11, 12:15am

I’m officially starting my strict time-management schedule tomorrow. I’m kinda nervous. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it 100%. But I will! I can!

I’m pretty much almost broke as well. And so I’ve calculated my remaining allowance. Did some subtractions for the important expenses, made work on some multiplications and additions here and there. I’m really trying to make the most out of the remaining P400.00 in my wallet. I don’t know how I’ll survive with that little amount considering the future expenses I’ll be having, but that’s okay. I’ll find a way. I always do 😉


7/2/11, 1:25am

I was watching The Proposal and ghad! Ryan Reynolds is unnffff!!! He’s hot omg!

Anayway, watching that film made me reflect on my own life. Well, not really my life per say, but rather how I view it. Romantic comedy films have this feel that makes me or provokes me to know what love really is. 


I don’t know. I really don’t wanna talk about it. It’s weird. LOL.


7/12/11, 10:40pm

My feet stink. LOL. Seriously, they do. They’ve been like buried for a hundred years and they just smell like hell. LOL.

Anyway, my story for this day isn’t about my feet. it’s about my report in world Lit. It went pretty well, I guess. IDK. I’m always good at reporting and I always (well most of the time) get praises. I did get praises for it. But idk, it wasn’t just the kind of applause I wanted and expected. It’ could’ve been better. Or perhaps I could’ve done better. Maybe I wasn’t at my best that time. 


8/2/11, 2:36am

i just watched the seventh awesome season of The Deadliest Catch and it was friggin’ sick! Those guys never let me down. That show always gives me the thrill, excitement and genuine emotion I seek for in a documentary series. And the first episode? – Epic! A huge high-five to them for a job greatly done!

Funny how I was really hoping that the first episode would not give me a disappointment, coz if that happens, it would really crush my expectations big time. And thankfully, it did not. It went just as perfect as what I was anticipating for. Can’t wait for next Monday’s episode!


8/13/11, 1:37am

Guess what? I’ll be writing for my University’s paper, The Journal! I got my assigned topics just this afternoon. I am bound to make two articles and a crossword puzzle – in a week. in a week!! 

Considering how hectic my schedule is, having had to do extracurricular stuff is kind of impossible. LOL. I’m just exaggerating. I can do it. The question is ‘how?’. Well i don’t know yet. But I will soon find out. 


To be continued…