Oh Barney. You silly little thingy! How’d you make your life sooo legendary?

So who watches How I Met Your Mother? If you do, then Barney wouldn’t be a stranger to you. I mean, among his friends, he’s the most noticeable (not to mention his name – Barney – is that some kind of a joke?). 

What I like most about Barney’s unique character is that he has got the craziest ideas one could ever come up with. And my most favorite one? – “Make every night of your life legendary“. That’s a pretty clever statement. And boy, he knows how to make every night of his life legendary alright!

Which made me think – maybe I can do that too. I can make my life legendary – well, surely not every night though, that’d be very exhausting. But I can make or do some things in my life that can make me remember that moment for the rest of it. I can come up with some really crazy activities that’s worth remembering. Hhhmm.. interesting.

I should start thinking of what those things could be. Not the silly, creepy, unrealistic things that Barney thought of though. I should come up with things that can be very remarkable, fun, a little silly, and worth remembering. I can do those in my own little ways. 

I’m excited. I’ll be posting those things in here. Whatever the result, the world should know about it. Not that anyone would ever care, but for the sake of, again, sharing my not-so-boring-yet-not-too-exciting life to all lovely creatures out there. 

And I’ll be calling this one – Project 101: Making my life legeeennnn-dary 😉