I guess it’s time to do the sequel. Just like any other saga this world has come up with, I,as well, should get this thing done.

Writing in my journal used to be an every-single-day thing. Used to be. But it turned out that that every-single-day thing would be close to impossible. University life, other extracurricular stuff, and living my kind of life sure is exhausting it knocks me off to bed pretty early – most of the time. 


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But whenever I can, I document through my playful execution of words the events I want and don’t want to remember but had to anyway. It started here, then these are what happened next:

9/4/11, 1:30am

..make an essay which will be used as an oratorical piece by some high school student. And I remember not being very happy about the task. It was too much work for me. Imagine me making a seven-minute long oratorical piece – that equals three grueling pages of hard work! Phew! Pain the ass. However, that as well was an honor, for I have been entrusted with a task not given to just anybody else. 


9/20/11, 12:20am

I probably am scared. Well, not ‘probably’. I am scared! I’m scared on venturing into something I am not familiar with. It’s that feeling when you’re in some place where you’ve never been to before – and everything feels weird, and you’re all by yourself, and people seem to be staring at you, you don’t know where to go. It’s doing something for the first time and not being sure on whether you have made the right decision on doing such in the first place. 


9/26/11, 9:55pm

It was the first initial interview out of three that I passed. Felt great. Then series of exams came after that. I passed all of them. And tomorrow I’m scheduled for my operations interview – the final/deciding point I guess. 

I am a bit apprehensive and not sure on whether this is a good decision or is there something better that I should be doing. Whatever it is, I’ll still go. 


11/5/11, 11:16pm

And it made me realize some things. There are different faces of life. There are different stories told. There are different people met. And sometimes what fears us to do something is because it is ‘different’ from what we usually do – we don’t know what to expect, we don’t know when to or when not to do things.


5/5/12, 2:00am

And wait! Here’s another awesome story. I finally graduated!! Woot! Woot! yeah! It was the best! The sleepless nights, excruciating exams, terrible school days are so over. Woohoo! I miss it though. But i don’t think I’d be going back to it too soon. I’ll enjoy doing one thing at a time first. 


Of course it never stops there. A lot of things happened after the above date. What are they? It’s better to keep it to myself. It’s not something illegal, I assure you 😉