When I have a spare time, or even if it should not be a spare time at all, most people would find me in front of the TV indulging myself into some sort of exciting stuff my eyes have the opportunity to linger on, listening to some awesome music to savor my sense of audition, talking to motley individuals, or (and this one’s the most frequent) in front of my blog playing with the most senseless words the human race have ever created.


Yes, you have read it right. I have a blog. It may just be a usual, ordinary, dull type of blog for some people but as far as my own spontaneous psyche is concerned it is awesome – A+ awesome, that is! 

A few people, who have not had the opportunity to be showered by the unworldly-like serenity of blogging, have asked me why I do blogs. My answer? Simple – because it’s amazing. It’s great. It’s different. It makes me feel human.


Blogging, in some way, is similar to writing on a diary/journal, in a broadsheet, on a school paper, on a whole sheet of yellow paper, at an old trunk of a tree, on a leaf, on somebody else’s paper. What do they all have in common? They come from your incomparable mind – a remarkable expression of your thoughts in words.


Blogging is online, though. And what I like most about it is that, aside from the fact that it is ‘cool’ and ‘young’, more people get to read your write-ups and they as well are able to utter their opinions regarding your craft and share other fascinating stuff. To sum it all up – blogging is F-U-N!


I have read a good number of all sorts of blog articles – from the crazily funny ones, to the excitingly mediocre types, to the most inspiring write-ups. They all shout the same thought – unparalleled self-expression!


And from those readings, some significant realization came before me. The most important among them is the almost-invisible-to-the-blinded-human-eye discernment as to how momentous every single sundry experience is to our lives. All those endeavors, no matter how ridiculous it may seem, are endeavors nonetheless – worthy to be documented and be shared to others. Some may not mind much about it, but you could only care less. It’s your blog – your life, your rules! Ha!


From the number of wonderfully-crafted write-ups that I had the great chance to spoil myself in, another thing hits me. Aside from the unrivaled skill of expressing one’s thoughts in words, probably the most important spice into shaping an A+ blog article is an ordinary life spent on extraordinary undertakings. It is that incredibly unique experience that triggers you into making a non-typical blog story. My point? Get yourself behind bars. Get really, really drunk. Jaywalk on EDSA. Steal somebody else’s bf/gf. Poke a random stranger. Hang one of your legs beside the MRT railway and wait for the train to come. And put all those stories on your blog. You’ll be famous afterwards.


Just kidding. Never do those. Only crappy individuals dwell on stuff like that. What I’m trying to say is that; make your life worth writing about. It does not have to be unmorally-right crazy for your story to sell, nor does it have to be extremely absurd for people to like what you write. It just has to be YOU.


Blogging is a therapeutic escape. And not just that – it is a heck of a cool thing as well! So might as well do some worthy blogging (or unworthy even, it does not matter, just have the liberty to express yourself). The next time you go online. Do some google-ing. Key in ‘blogging sites’. And wah-lah! A fair number of free blog-hosting sites will come in handy. Help yourself in. You’ll find it so fun, you’ll even forget everything else.  


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