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We probably could have done so many things, accomplished so many tasks, got stuff done and over with if only we stop being the lazy-old selves we are.

Procrastination – a term not too strange to most of us. My friend, Wiki-the-pedia, says procrastination refers to the act of replacing high-priority actions with tasks of lower priority, and thus putting off important tasks to a later time.

We all had experienced procrastinating one way or another. It was when we needed to finish a course report due the next day and not able to do so because apparently we have decided to watch a favorite tv show instead. It was when an assignment was given and not being able to have done it because we felt it’s not too important. It was when a tower of unrelenting projects was bestowed upon us and having not done a single thing because we did not know where and how to start. Procrastination, thus come in many faces. But it’s all procrastination nonetheless.

Now how do we get to beat the terrible act of procrastinating? What should we do to get things done?

This would probably not be easy. Procrastination has been so indulged in our system that we find it hard to kick its butt off. But learning ways on how to stop it would not hurt either. So might as well take these tips into consideration (that is if you want to be the better individual that you are and not be drowned by too much undone, or even those that you have not started on at all, tasks).

I call this – beating the red light!


  1. Make a move. Start now!

What hinders us from not working on something is the fact that we have not started working on it at all yet! So when things need to be done, do it! Start working on it.


  1. Say no to Facebook, etc.

For the duration of your task on hold, get your butts off those social networking sites. This is my number one roadblock. I often am not able to get things done because whenever I’m doing stuff on my computer, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and whatnot seems so tempting that I could not help but log myself in. The result?  More ‘likes’, zero significant task done.

Click ‘logout’. Work on what’s more important.  


  1. Bit by bit!

Oftentimes, we begin to procrastinate when a lot of things to be done are on our way and we can’t seem to decide what to start with. If you have a gazillion coursework to get yourself busy on, and you can’t seem to decide when, what and how to get it done, do it bit by bit! Weigh the importance of those tasks and take into consideration the deadlines as well. Put at the top of your list the things that need to be accomplished first.


  1. Just do it!

Boring. Uninterestng. Dull. Those are just some of the adjectives that stop us from working on certain things that need our brilliant minds on. The lack of interest on tasks that need to be done is a major roadblock. I feel you. It’s pretty normal. Why do bother doing something that you have zero interest on? Answer: because it is important. And when it’s important, getting it done is a must.

So no matter how uninterested you are, just do it! Reward yourself afterwards. It’s worth it. Trust me.


  1. Get it done!

Never start working on something and leave it aside until it burns itself out of existence. Not being able to finish a task is way worse than not having started at all. Finish it! Kick its ass off! Finishing things greatly and on time will sure make you feel a lot better. Do it and get it done!

I am a living proof of how definite procrastination is. But if you are reading this last part of this article it means I have kicked its ass off!

Beat the red light! Say hello to productivity!