It’s been a year ago. I can vividly remember the murky thoughts I had – about life, myself, the world, the people around me. I was at the verge of losing myself trying to find answers to queries so vague even I can’t put in plain words myself.

I sometimes could not fully comprehend my state of mind, I question a lot. The uncertainties never cease to vanish. It’s always within me -prying my brain waves, muddling up my every thought.

The kind of life I am living right now used to be what I wanted for myself. When I was younger, I dream of what my future will be like. I did not seek for perfection nor fortune. I just wanted a normal, happy life. But it turned out that after having a ‘normal, happy life’, isn’t what I really wanted after all.

I no longer want a normal life. I want to be living a life that is extraordinary. I no longer want just a  happy life. I want to be living a life that is euphoric. Things change. Things really do change.

I need to wake myself up and get my butt back on track. I need to be doing something else. Something that will pilot me into the extraordinary, euphoric life that I picture myself in.

The big question now is- how?

I most of the time answer this type of question with -‘I do not know yet’. And this time, I’ll say it again. I do not know yet. But I soon will figure that out.

One realization is clear though. The dreams that we had when we were younger, do not always stay the same. Sometimes they change and even get better.