It all happened so fast. Not so long ago, the only hands that my hands held were each other. The next thing I know, I was holding the hand of the man who has made my every day more meaningful, and I never wanted to let go since then.

There’s something beautiful with the way he stares at me. That feeling when his eyes lock with mine, I could just forget everything about the world. There’s something alluring with the way he touches me. When his fingers run through my skin, my senses come to life. There’s something engaging with the way he holds me in his arms. Every warm embrace brings me so much closer to him. There’s something tempting with the way he presses his lips into mine. That feeling when we breathe as one.

This man must be a wizard. He must have casted a spell on me and captured me. If he ever did, I don’t mind. I love being under his spell. I love being captured by him. I just love how he makes me feel whenever I am with him.

It amazes me how a single person can bring so much significance to one’s life; how with just a smile all your weary thoughts drain away; how with a whisper of ‘I love you’ you feel like the whole world turned into a wonder land. He does that to me. I fell… and I woke up head-over-heels in love with this man.

My life is better with his warmth. My days are lovelier with the thoughts of him. My every second of existence is more delightful with his love. I become a better me with him by my side. He’s just everything I could have asked for.

It all did happen so fast.  Rogin used to be just a fellow agent at work. Now, he has become just another reason why I love going to work and just another reason for everything else in my life. It’s exactly been a month since we started this journey together. And I’m looking forward to sharing more treks with him in the future.

I don’t believe in a love that lasts for eternity. All I know is, for as long as my heart beats, and my brain discharges neurons to my very senses, and the sun shines and cries over the world, my love for him stays.

Love u hon