Thwarted. Disappointed. Annoyed – those are me. Well those were actually what I have been in the past days. But I got to move on. I got to. That’s probably the best decision in dealing with what I’m currently going through. 

Okay, my lovely watch vanished. I’m sure it was within my gaze a few days back, I put it above the fridge (where I always put it), then the next thing I wish didn’t happen came to be – it has gone astray. Deym! It was a gift from my Uncle. I love that watch as much as I love him. It’s one of my most precious possessions. And perhaps the most expensive as well.

I could just replace it with a new one. But I get so emotionally attached to things, especially if it’s a gift from someone important in my life and replacing it with something else won’t make me feel any better. And crying over it is not very surprising either. I’ve been looking for it and, three days after, still no sign of hope. Ghad I wish I could have it back! I wish I never lost it. I love it so much!

But things come and go. Instead of wallowing myself over this miserable disappointment, I should just move on, live with my life, deal with it, and, if possible, forget about it. I guess it’s time to accept that I may never find it ever again. Sad… but manageable. I can do this. I always do. 

Move on.