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I came across a Papemelroti store in a nearby mall and saw tons of amazing things. I bought some cool stuff –pieces of real nice papers, cute bookmarks, and a couple boxes of random jam. My most favorite is this box of “thought-provoking questions” on pieces of paper. I thought they could be great for my blog for the reasons that, 1.) The world could get to know me a little better, and 2.) I could get to know myself a little better. I’ll start with three questions, and the next post will consist of another three. Ready? Let’s go!


If you were stuck on a desert island and could have only one kind of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Wow. Being stuck alone on a desert island with no one to talk to, nowhere else to go, and nothing interesting to do sure is tedious. It’s worse than being indicted of life imprisonment. At least behind bars there are other inmates whom you could share the remaining moments of your life with.

Perhaps, a sumptuous foodstuff could be the only thing that could get rid of the ennui. And what better way to squeeze away the boredom than a hot crispy-fried chicken. I don’t really have a specific favorite food. I like everything my mouth gets in contact with, except veggies and super spicy stuff. Not really a fan of fried chickens but having one on a desert island with nothing else but green stuff and all bloody hideous chows, I’d say not bad. Not bad at all.


If you were given 3 wishes, what would they be?

You probably think having to be granted 3 wishes would be easy- well NO. Three? I demand more! Just kidding. To be honest, I have tons of wishes dying to be granted. But 3 are better than none. So I’d take that.

Okay. So here they go (listing them down is much easier):

  1. Be a real sane genius.
  2. Be bloody rich.
  3. Live a happy life.

Can some genie snap or wink or whatever, and just make all those wishes happen? Right now please?


If you were to pick one time of the day when you are most alive and active, what would it be?

This one’s pretty easy. My energy is most of the time on its normal, manageable level throughout the day. Just one problem though. I don’t know what is it with afternoons, but as soon as the clock settles its hands on 1:30pm onwards, my eyes start to lose their ‘spark’. My body gets into a resting stance. And the next thing I know, I’m in front of my computer, head-down, eyes closed, and some disgusting dribble dripping off my mouth (my officemate caught me, that’s how I had known). Yes, I know -extremely humiliating. So if I get to just be alive and active on this time of the day, then I wouldn’t be worrying about being humiliated or worse, losing my job. Perhaps a cup of coffee or a squeeze of lemon on my eyes eh?