Just a random Sunday afternoon. Done with my laundry. Now it’s time for my petty thoughts on the spot light. So it all fired up here, then here goes its sequel:

  • LSS on Tay Swift’s ‘Red’ song
  • I’m wondering what he’s doing right now. Hhhhmmm…
  • I gotta lose some weight.
  • The clouds are dark.. some rain later i suppose?
  • Facebook bores the heck out of me. LOL
  • Oh my watch has been found!! Yay!
  • My hands are dry again. Needs some TLC.
  • Got to start working out. Nah.. I’m fine.
  • My head kinda hurts. I’ll probably be catching some colds.
  • Twilight kinda sucks. *just sayin*
  • Now my facebook isn’t working. Argh. My internet connection is so friggin’ slow!
  • Oh no! only a few seconds left!
  • What to think!!!
  • LOL
  • hahahahhaha.. *random laugh*

And it’s done. 60 awesome seconds are over! Phew! That was intense. I was actually typing fast – trying to beat the time. But it turned out fine. LOL. Yes, fine. That’s one word to put it.