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Questions. They never run out. Ghad, they just don’t. I tossed them in here, then the others bounced out and rolled up on this page. So as promised, the next set of brilliant queries (thanks to papemelroti) will now sit on the limelight, with, of course, my not-so-interesting answers to accompany them. Lights. Cam’ra. Action!

You get transported into a cartoon land and get to pick any cartoon identity to have as your own. Which cartoon character would you choose? 

First of all, and this one’s not what has been asked but i’ll say it anyway, if Bikini Bottom was for real, I probably have moved there years ago. And a house on a rock would be the best space to dribble away the rest of my juvenile life in. And Patrick Starr? I’ll definitely would want to be him. The pinkish skin, the cool shorts, the don’t-have-to-worry-about-smelly-stuff nature, the great friend, the silly-crazy citizen, I mean c’mon. Who wouldn’t want to switch lives with him and just dwell a worry-free, spontaneous, electrifying life? If being Patrick Starr is sold over the counter, I’d be the first on line. Jelly-fishinggggggg!! How cool could that be?

Say one memorable line from a movie that you like.

I’m getting tired of it all.” – Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson on Taken 2). Who wouldn’t be? Having had to do a hardcore action movie for the second time in much challenging scenes sure is exhausting. I can’t blame Liam. Heads up to his awesome stunts still though. Great job!

Looking back in time, which year would you have wanted to last twice as long?

2003. The year before I graduated grade school. The year when life was all fun. The year when everything was unruffled and bits and pieces were nothing but joyful. I miss my childhood days. If only it lasted twice as long, then perhaps I wouldn’t be missing it this much now.