Can you imagine no love, pride, deep-fried chicken. Your best friend always sticking up for you. Even when I know you’re wrong“. – The Train, Drops of Jupiter.


I have been listening to that song over and over again and I still have no idea how that ‘deep-fried chicken’ made its way in there. Well, I guess that’s just how it goes. 

No, this post isn’t about deep-fried chicken. Not even the roasted ones. This is all about my insignificant trifling thoughts on queries made easy for me by papemelroti. I already have crafted a couple posts about these awesome questions: INTO THE BOX 1.0 and INTO THE BOX 2.0. Then here goes numero tres!


If you were chosen to be the first person to relocate to Jupiter, and could only bring one personal item, what would it be?

Jupiter- wow! Wait, is that even possible? Well, I don’t care. I’d love to be there. And what more better thing to carry with me than a (I’d say cellphone, but I’m not sure if the phone signal on earth could reach up to Jupiter) pen! I would document my every day on just about anywhere. So that after the day I die, and other people get to be relocated in there too, they’ll remember the first person who had made Jupiter a better place to live in. And perhaps they’ll put up a statue of me next to where I have written my life? Sweet! 


If you were invisible for a day, what would you do?

I’d save the world from the bad guys! I’ll kick a sniper’s butt just before he pulls the trigger and shots some well-known mogul and he won’t even know who did it!  I’ll tail the Al Qaeda and blow their location to the authorities. I’ll get access to the government’s files and catch who among the officials gamble away my nation’s money. All in a day! Oh wait, all in a day? that’s exhausting. But I can do it! *Invisibility cloth on*


At a moment’s notice, you were given the chance to step into a “Talent Duplicator Machine” which could duplicate any person’s talent and make it yours for life. What talent would you pick and whose?

I already am a great singer. And dancing? Piece of cake (It still puzzles me though as to why my friends tell me otherwise. I mean c’mon. Isn’t it obvious that I was born a star?). Just for the sake of answering this question, even if I really think I need no TDM (Talent Duplicator Machine), I’d say Anne Hathaway is really talented. A dose of her in me would be astounding. My acting chops are… well I’m working on it, and perhaps Anne’s would be of great help!