Santa’s probably done with his job for now. His little workers are on vacation somewhere else. Christmas trees are still up but gifts underneath them were already cracked up. 

Today is the 29th of December. And Christmas is, technically, officially over (I still, however, believe that the spirit of Christmas lives all year through)! And another celebration that I am so keyed up about is, of course, the NEW YEAR!!

2013 is just a few days away. To some, it is just another year. Another normal, insignificant year. To others, it’s a whole new year! Another year full of anticipation for everything sanguine. For me, it is both. 2013 is just another normal, not so significant year, yet also a year full of anticipation for the better.

Having to change your calendar a year forward, is like smudging your life in a whole new canvass. Of course, you can always have every single day of your existence as a signal fire, but having had to do it in a new year is just differently remarkable. 

Bottom line is, i wish all of you a happy, crazy, inspiring, and splendid 2013!!