A friend of mine asked me, “Cianne, ano birthday wish mo?” (Cianne, what’s your birthday wish?). And for a moment I was frozen. I realized, oh yeah what is my birthday wish anyway? I wasn’t sure what to say, so I replied, “world peace!” 😉

Sighs. Birthdays.This 4th of April marks my 22nd year of wonderful existence.Wow. Two decades and two years is too much to handle. I still got a week before my “forever 21” pulls down its curtains. I’m not really sure what to feel about that.

I have this weird habit that whenever I get a year older, I look back at my old journals, unfurl my old photos, reminisce on the good-old-memories, and just see how my life has been like. Some sort of a self-evaluation, if I may say. And this year’s looking-back-at-old-stuff birthday-ritual would be no exception.

So what really has my life been like?

Somebody at Phineas and Ferb would probably ask me in return:

*Cartoon character voice* “Aren’t you a little young to be asking that question?“. Well, I don’t think so. 22 is way over the legal age alright.

Let’s start with my journals. Not so many people may know about this, but I actually have four journals in my possession. Two of them have been completed, and two are still in progress (I’m using two at the same time, for obviously two different reasons that I may only know). I went through all of them and man! Phew! That was a long read. I didn’t even know that writing about my smelly feet would land a page in there, but it did! My university life was a blockbuster for the same reason as why Titanic has earned billions of its release – it’s full of drama, it was as well the most action-packed leg of my existence, and oh yah..comedy never failed to surprise me.

My high school journal series was just…errr…alright. My writing was not so good. But I think I deserve a high-five for the effort. I can’t even believe my high school series was mostly about my high school crushes (most went not so well) and my never-ending self-disappointments. Was my high school life that ridiculous? Lol. I bet not. It was awesome!

My old photos make me swear why photoshop wasn’t available the times they were taken. One word to describe them all – horrible. Yes horrible. I looked horrible in most of them. But that’s part of who I was and who I still am right? And so, I embrace them all whole-heartily (I still wish I looked better in them though, I mean c’mon, what would my fans say? I can’t even imagine. Ugh)

There sure have been a great deal of stuff in my twenty-two years of living. I have grown my hair way too long, and never cut it shorter that 3 inches. I have discovered various mood-swings. I have had so many people whose ways have been separated with mine. I have come across with motley individuals in return as well. And way too many episodes of my self-made, self-created movie that most people address to as “life”, have made me a year older, and a year better.

So my over-all self-evaluation result for my 22nd year of existence is:

A+. I sure deserve it, don’t I? Yay!

This time, when my friends will ask me what my birthday wish will be, I think I might have found the answer. It is that I learn to cherish and enjoy life more so that it gives me the same amount of happiness and love I give to it. It will all keep getting better 🙂

(04/04/1991 – the exact date I was brought into existence; and the same exact date the word “awesome” came into life)