I saw this post on Facebook (last year), on making a happiness jar, in where you will be putting in a note all the things that made you happy for the year (2016). And thought it was a very good idea and has immediately planned on doing it. And now the plan has finally come to life!


Yep! This is my 2016 Happiness Jar (formerly called as my candy jar). So excited to have this jar be filled with all the great things that my 2016 will be. And as a start, I have placed one note that has made me happy just yesterday. And I couldn’t wait to give that one little note other cute little note friends.

It feels bracing having something to look forward to this year. It’s just another year if you’ll come to think of it. But a new year has always been a mainstream reminder of a fresh start to many. And why not indulge into it too.

Happy New Year to every beautiful soul out there!