It may be a little late to do a recap of what my 2015 has been like, but there’s no perfect time either. So here we go.

The past year has been wonderfully exciting and excruciatingly pain-staking. The irony of life it is! But most of it were fun, breathtaking, thrilling and moments spent with bundles of delight.

My most favorite part of it? The endless travels. The rides on a bus to places I have never set foot on yet. The smiles I had while sitting on a fine sand staring at the horizon, with the breeze of the ocean brushing through my hair. The trees I have leaned on. The rocks I have sat on. The grass I had swept my feet on. The people I have talked to. The different sunsets I have come to witness whilst in motley gorgeous places I was. The music I have played while being in a different place so beautiful, the wind would seem to sing along with it. The relief of water after long hours of hike in scorching daylight. The taste of rain on my palm.


I don’t remember the exact dates of the travels I had in the past year. Never had. But the experience, every bit of emotion I had felt during those moments, I remember very well. Isn’t it the most important? Remembering the feeling when you were there, not just when, right?

I am a little apprehensive on devouring on new things. But I am wiling to. The start will always be the most baffling, but once I get the hang of it, you can never stop me. Just like snorkeling and kayaking. For someone who cannot swim and is afraid of the deep ocean, the first few moments of indulging into it spelled torture. But as it turned out, it was pretty fun! It’s not extreme of an endeavor I know. But extreme is different for every individual, and surely my definition of it is too.


One other great adventure I had, is the spiraling and endless road to love. Traveling with the love of my life makes my every experience even more special. My friends and family too are part of my 2015 adventures of course. There’s nothing like a 4-hour family road trip on treacherous roads arriving at a beautiful, scenic place for a cool swim on a flowing gorgeous river. Nor like a whole day hike to endless stairs of rocks and mud and cooling yourself down on a fall, and crossing a deadly river flow for an experience inside a majestic cave. Nothing like my 2015 indeed!

I promise I will not hold myself from any new adventure this year or in the coming years. Cheers to more of these wonderfully fulfilling 2015 adventures!