The warm nights while you sat on the bare sand, his hands inches away from yours, almost touching. You stare at him and you notice his lovely glow, you could almost drown at his smile while his face is lit by the endearing moon in the star-kissed skies. The wind, oh the wind, is just cool and warm at the same time, surreal, and your heart stops every time he tells you the most wonderful things in the world, and how you could have wished time could just slow down, right there, at that very moment, and just… you and him. That instant when you could almost feel like the world may have been selfish to have been created for just the two of you, just you and him. Just you and him.

romantic summer

(Photo credits via google)

That would have been one heck of a perfect summer. And here goes, “however”! bursts the fantasy bubble

However, things do not go to well as what you might have imagined them to be. A perfect summer romance – that’s what I would have preferred for this article to be entitled with. That wouldn’t really go too well, for the fact that there was no summer romance, if you call it so, that have went on though. Just a romance, which does not really include the beach or the sand, or the moon and the stars, no.

To be honest, here’s what my summer has been like.

Every day, at almost 6 in the morning, when the sun was supposed to just be on it’s way up the skies, and the time of the day when you could have wished you were about to head your way to the balcony over-seeing a wonderful view at the beach where you just had spent the night at, holding a cup of nice and warm coffee. No, that’s not really how it went though. Again, bursts the fantasy bubble

Every day, at almost 6 in the morning, when the sun was supposed to just be on it’s way up the skies, oh man you could notice how it was in a hurry. I mean, it’s only 6am, for goodness sake and the sun is already half way out, bragging it’s gigantic UV rays and you could tell how it was so eager to toast every human alive (at least towards those from where I’m from). The sea, the beach and a tropical frost would have been nice. And the struggle to expose yourself outside whilst making your way to the office is excruciating, and you feel like hiding yourself from the sun, just how much you have avoided the stare of your professor at school while he was asking about something you know nothing about and don’t want to embarrass yourself if called.

Summer it was. I lost my chance this year. And the rain is starting to pack it’s stuff and will soon be heading towards my part of the planet. The sun? The sun is still here. Though you could rarely see him out that much as when the summer started. Probably preparing to exit the limelight and wiping off his crown so as to give it the next title holder… rain. Oh I love how they switch places every time. As for my perfect summer romance? Who knows? It could be one under the rain this time soon.