1. Catch crabs in the Bering Sea aboard my favorite ‘Deadliest Catch’ boat, Cornelia Marie.
  2. Fall madly in love and ridiculously get hurt.
  3. Lie down at the middle of a road at night for a minute.
  4. Get really really drunk.✔ッ
  5. Go to Greece.
  6. Be kissed by a bearded Greek man on the forehead.
  7. Be at two places at the same time.
  8. Go on a cruise with my wonderful Grandma.
  9. Deliver a speech in front of thousands of listeners (and nail it!).
  10. Run in the rain.✔ッ
  11. Write a book.
  12. Do feature articles on a famous newspaper.
  13. Visit Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, New York, Paris, Moscow, Egypt – all in the next 6 years.
  14. Buy all the beautiful pens in every country I go to.
  15. Join the Amazing Race Asia.
  16. Audition for So You Think You Can Dance.
  17. Learn how to cook real food.
  18. Eat less Mcdonald’s.
  19. Learn how to ski.
  20. Hug somebody for 30 seconds.
  21. Smile at a stranger. And make him/her smile back. ✔ッ
  22. Help somebody in great danger.
  23. Punch a random stranger in the face.
  24. Own the best books ever published.
  25. Read them ^.
  26. Ride a bus and not pay✔ッ
  27. Ride a bus and pay twice.
  28. Sing in front of hundreds of people and make them adore me.
  29. Give someone the correct information when asking for directions.
  30. Own a vintage car.
  31. Live in my own apartment.
  32. Be in a very quiet, peaceful and beautiful place somewhere.
  33. Talk to a monk.
  34. Learn Kung Fu.
  35. Be given three sunflowers on my 21st birthday. (WAS NOT GRANTED)
  36. Bungee-jump in New Zealand.
  37. Join a TV game show.
  38. Learn something not too many people know about.
  39. Be an inspiration to others.
  40. Go to Vatican City with my Grandma.
  41. Do something really silly.
  42. Give free hugs.
  43. Run for a cause.
  44. Learn how to swim.
  45. Watch the sun rise on a rooftop.
  46. Watch the sun set on the beach.
  47. Do something against the law.
  48. Get a tattoo on my wrist.
  49. Solve 101 Sudoku puzzles in a month.